Online Parenting Classes

Up-Coming Positive Discipline Parenting 6-Week Courses:

Come ready to share behavior problems you are experiencing right now & leave with effective discipline strategies that are respectful & encouraging.

Spring 2022 Course

April 14 – May 19 2022

Thursdays at 8:00pm – 10:00pm ET Time Zone Converter

Early Registration 30% off: $95.00 (Ends 3/24/22)

Regular Registration: $135.00

Summer 2022 Course

July 15 – August 19 2022

Friday at 8:00pm – 10:00pm ET Time Zone Converter

Early Registration 30% off: $95.00 (Ends 7/01/22)

Regular Registration: $135.00

Classes are fun, interactive, and experiential. Participants will find accountability, community, and support- where you’ll discover you’re not the only with struggles!

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Topics Covered

  • Why punishment and rewards don’t work- and what to do instead!
  • Kind and firm parenting tools that empower children and help them learn for the future (instead of pay for the past).
  • Learn how to identify what Mistaken Goal a child is operating from.
  • Understand motivation behind misbehavior and how to encourage positive change.
  • The two primary goals of all children- and what we can do to aid children in reaching them.

I highly recommend this class to all parents, whether their children are toddlers or adults! Learning these amazing concepts, with a group of parents, and a passionate facilitator, is far more effective than trying to read a book on your own. Despite a decade of teaching, step-parenting, actively pursuing knowledge about how to interact with children, this class gave me a whole new perspective. It was also really special and encouraging to share openly with other parents.


Take the next step to positive change.