Online Parenting Course- For Those Who Follow Jesus Christ

Positive Discipline & The Bible 6-Week Course

This special, brand new course will include the first three classes from my successful PD Parenting 6-Week Course, spread out over the 6-weeks to allow us time each class to cover some of the most hot-topic Christian parenting questions.

Fall 2022 Course

October 7 – November 11 2022

Fridays at 7:30pm – 9:30pm ET Time Zone Converter

Early Registration 20% off: $105.00 (Ends 9/23/22)

Regular Registration: $135.00

What to expect in this 6-Week Course:

Christian Parenting Topics:

  • Proverbs and ‘the rod.’ We will look into Jewish heritage and Hebrew translations. We will allow Scripture itself to define who the ‘child’ is in Proverbs.
  • To honor and obey. What are parents commanded to do and what approach does God use to call us to obey Him?
  • Parenting with grace. What does it look like to live out the Gospel in front of our children daily?

Parenting tools and relationship skills covered from my original Positive Discipline Course:

  • Healthy conflict/resolution skills and Kind & Firm parenting tools.
  • Why punishment and rewards don’t work- and what to do instead!
  • The same beautifully illustrated 50-Page Workbook from the original 6-Week course is included in this course.

Though I am not a theologian, I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I will share what God has revealed to me, and I ask that you would read the scriptures yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern how to apply it to your life.

I can promise you will learn effective discipline strategies that are respectful & encouraging to both you and your child.

Classes are fun, interactive, and experiential. Join me and other parents for accountability, community, and support!


Parenting that reflects Jesus back to our children.

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