Shannon Teaches Parents

Thinking about Montessori or already on board?

Either way, you probably love how it supports your child’s independence while adding freedom, order, beauty and structure.

Now if they would only put the dang toys away…

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one.

Getting our children to clean up or get dressed…

(or do anything for that matter)

Is going to need a parenting method in alignment with the Montessori approach.


Positive Discipline is the foundation which Montessori is built upon. It supports children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development while teaching life skills in a nurturing environment.

Shannon Pitts

Learn Positive Discipline with Parenting Classes

In Person

Join me, a Certified Montessori Teacher, for classes that are fun, interactive, & experiential!

We will increase our understanding of why some discipline methods aren’t effective long-term & what to do instead.


What people are saying

Shannon Pitts is awesome!!! My wife and I plan to take her course multiple times!


I would recommend this class to all parents!


Loved everything about the class! Just wish it was taught to us in college so that we could be prepared for the parenthood life!


Positive Discipline Publications

Dr. Jane Nelsen & Dr. Lynn Lotts’ books are designed to help us teach our young people how to become responsible & respectful members of their communities. Discover time-tested discipline strategies that help children learn for the future (instead of pay for the past). Read more

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