Free Workshops

My 30-minute workshops are hosted through Montessori Connect, an awesome community supporting teacher & parent education. Please contact me if days/times posted aren’t suitable for you, and I will take that into consideration for future workshops.

Standing Diapering FREE

When children start to resist getting a diaper change, it’s time to start Standing Diapering!

Love standing diapering, but use a few tips? Never done it, and the idea of it sounds crazy?

Join me for a detailed explanation & expert tips! Have your questions ready for a short Q&A afterward!

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Intro into Positive Discipline FREE

Positive Discipline focuses on non-punitive solutions to problems. All punishment (blame, shame, pain) is eliminated and replaced by focusing on solutions that are based in kindness, firmness, dignity, and respect

What challenging behaviors are you currently dealing with? Leave with a new Positive Discipline tool to start using today!

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Stop Using Praise & Rewards* FREE

*Most of the time. Ha! What’s so wrong with using praise and rewards?

  • It places value on the end result, not the effort or process
  • May feed into perfectionism tendencies
  • They do not foster intrinsic motivation and focus is on pleasing others.

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