About Me

Hi! My name is Shannon Pitts and this is my story.

My journey began as a volunteer and substitute in my son’s Montessori school. I saw teachers model how to show respect to the child, and yourself, while maintaining boundaries. Instead of just distracting or ignoring big emotions, teachers identify them and then give the toddler space to move through the emotions in their own time. It is overwhelmingly clear that these teachers view children as equals. I don’t mean equal in experience, knowledge, or responsibility, but in that all people, regardless of age, have value, and equal claims to dignity and respect. I was blown away by the effect this simple truth had on the adult-child relationship, and in turn, the child’s behavior.

I love working in the classroom and having the opportunity to develop honest and respectful relationships with these small precious children. I also have lots of practice at home with my own two young boys!

I soon became an assistant teacher and then obtained a MACTE Montessori Infant/Toddler Credential. I then became the Lead Teacher of the very classroom my son started in.

In this role I have the honor of partnering with parents, and I discovered how much I enjoy finding solutions to behavioral problems they are having at home with their children. I see the same ‘aha moment’ over and over again when I share this mutually respectful parenting approach. It quickly became apparent to me that there is a great need for this type of parent education.

So I received my Positive Discipline Parent Educator Credential which equipped me with the materials and education to provide parents the information and tools needed to cultivate cooperation and self-discipline in their children, with no dignity lost. I am currently in the Trainer Candidate track to become certified at the Positive Discipline Trainer level.

My experiences and certifications have played a big role in the successful launch of a small homeschool co-op that places value in teaching life skills and characteristic traits as much as academics. The families in this community are committed to using effective discipline approaches that integrate social and emotional learning, while reducing challenging behaviors.

Let’s start your journey to positive change.


Certified MACTE Infant/Toddler Montessori Teacher

Huntersville, NC 2019

Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator

Positive Discipline Association, 2021

Positive Home Educators Co-op

Founder & Director 2021

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